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New tariffs for regular block-trains of the Company

Ust-Luga Express organized by AVELANA FORWARDING and AVELANA LOGISTIC CompaniesFrom 1st of October 2017 there was a change of tariffs on “Ust-Luga Express” and “First Container Express”.

For regular block-train “Ust-Luga Express” there were changes in only departure of empty containers according to the scheme Free On Truck Vorsino – Free On Rail ULCT and departure of according to the scheme Free On Truck Vorsino – Door Industrial Park Vorsino – Free On Truck Vorsino.

For regular block-train “First Container Express” increase in tariffs occurred for all dispatch schemes.

On / provide information about the tariffs, conditions and online schedule of the trains.

“Ust-Luga Express” was launched in 2013 and running between port of Ust-Luga – Moscow – port of Ust-Luga 2 time per week.

“First Container Express” was launched in the current year and running along the route port of Saint-Petersburg (FCT terminal) – Moscow – port of Saint-Petersburg (FCT terminal) on weekly basis.

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