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Transportation of Over-sized Cargoes

We pay individual attention to non-standard cargoes

We pay individual attention to non-standard cargoes

Avelana Logistic Company, whose specialization is maritime transportations, is also a multimodal operator. This means that the company is ready to perform complex transportations, using different modes of transport at different transportation stages:

  • motor transport,
  • railway transport,
  • air transport.

Apart from standard cargoes we provide delivery of the following:

  • over-sized and
  • overweight cargoes,
  • dangerous cargoes and
  • cargoes requiring special temperature conditions.


Transportations of over-sized cargoes, as well as of other non-standard cargoes, require special approach. In particular, it concerns acquisition of a special permit for their transportation. Especially many problems arise while multimodal transportations of non-standard cargoes, since each transport mode has its own standards for dimensions and weight of cargoes.

The technical rules of accommodation and fastening of goods in wagons and containers approved by the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation define cargo dimensions and if at least one of these dimensions is exceeded, the cargo becomes considered as over-sized.

The key document for motor transportations is the “Instruction on transportation of over-sized and overweight cargoes by motor transport”, approved by the three agencies: the RF Ministry of Transportation, the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Road Service.

It defines limit parameters for standard cargoes:

  • length – 22 m,
  • width – 2.25 m,
  • height – 4 m.

If any of these dimensions is exceeded, the cargo becomes considered as over-sized. Overweight cargoes are those cargoes whose total weight together with the transport exceeds 38 t.
In aviation, limit dimensions and weight of cargoes are determined for each particular brand of aircraft.

When transporting such cargoes either by land or by sea, special vehicles may be required:

  • special flat cars,
  • low loaders,
  • modules which compose long road trains.

Sometimes for maritime transportations of over-sized or overweight cargoes it’s necessary to resort to the use of specialized vessels such as semi-sunk vessels, vessels with horizontal type of loading (Ro-Ro) or vessels with arrows (cranes) of high carrying capacity.


In addition to loading, transfer and unloading of cargo it almost always is necessary to solve a number of related problems:

  • escort ensuring security both of cargoes and other participants of traffic;
  • road surface preparation and road expansion;
  • change of the suspension height of transmission lines and etc.


Similar problems occur during the transportation of dangerous cargoes which include those liable to cause harm to environment or to human health, for example, pesticides or toxic components of chemical production. In this case, the requirements of transportation safety come to the fore.
Our specialists will perform skillfully all necessary preparative and transportation processes:

  • determination of cargo parameters and selection of loading-unloading type;
  • selection of transport corresponding to the size and weight characteristics of the cargo;
  • preparation of reliable fastening  schemes;
  • selection of optimal route, ensuring safety, reliability and promptness of delivery at a reasonable price;
  • execution of route arrangement documentation in cooperation with relevant services (State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, Ministry of Railways, Central Internal Affairs Directorate, etc.);
  • acquisition of all necessary permits;
  • organization and control of loading-unloading works;
  • cargo insurance.

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