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July 2017

Throughput of Russian seaports review in Half-year 2017

ULCT introduces electronic approval for admission to border control

In January – June 2017, Russian seaports handled 384 mln t of cargo (+11.3%, year-on-year), says the press center of Association of Commercial Sea Ports.

Transshipment of dry bulk cargo totaled 174 mln t (+10.8%) including:
75.1 mln t of coal (+16.2%),
23.7 mln t of containerized cargo (+14.2%),
16.1 mln t of grain (+32.1%),
14.6 mln t of ferrous metal (+0.1%),
8.5 mln t of mineral fertilizers (+4.8%),
1.4 mln t refrigerated cargo (-4.8%).


Loading data on Russian Railways network in Half-year 2017

Loading data on Russian Railways network in January - April 2017According to the figures, published on the company’s website, the network owned by Russian Railways since the beginning of the year loaded 620.7 mln t of freight, which is 3.6% more than in the same period last year, including 103.8 mln t (+2.6%) which is loaded in June.


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