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June 2017

Throughput of Russian seaports review in Jan-May’17

Port of NovorosiiskIn January – May 2017, Russian seaports handled 320 mln t of cargo (+11.6%, year-on-year), says the press center of Association of Commercial Sea Ports.


Loading data on Russian Railways network in January-May 2017

Loading data on Russian Railways network in January-May 2017According to the figures, published on the company’s website, the network owned by Russian Railways loaded 516,9 mln t. of freight in January – May 2017 which is 3,8% more than in the same period last year.
In Jan-May’17, Russian Railways loaded the following freight:
149,9 mln t of coal (+9,4%, y-o-y);
4,7 mln t of coke (+1,3%);
99 mln t of crude and oil products (+1,3%);
45,2 mln t of iron and manganese ores (-1,1%);
29,8 mln t of ferrous metal (-0,4%);
5,6 mln t of ferrous metal scrap (+7,4%);
23,8 mln t of chemical and mineral fertilisers (+7%);
9,6 mln t of cement (-1,5%);
19,1 mln t of timber (+4,3%);
8,1 mln t of grain (+6,2%);
52,6 mln t of construction materials (-4,4%);
8,5 mln t of non-ferrous ores and sulphur feedstock (-1,4%);
11 mln t of chemicals and soda (+2,4%);
14,6 mln t of industrial raw materials and molding materials (+14,3%).
In Jan–May’17, freight turnover increased compared to the same period 2016 by 7,4% and amounted to 1022,6 bn tariff ton-km. Freight turnover taking into account empty wagon runs amounted 1306,8 bn ton-km (+7,1%).


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