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March 2017

Throughtput of Russian seaports review in Jan-Feb’17

Total cargo turnover of Russian seaports in 2015In January – February 2017, Russian seaports handled 114.8 mln t of cargo (+8.2%, year-on-year), says the press center of Association of Commercial Sea Ports.

Transshipment of dry bulk cargo totaled 49.2 mln t (+7.6%) including:
20.9 mln t of coal (+15.2%),
6.9 mln t of containerized cargo (+9%),
4.5 mln t of ferrous metal (+2.5%),
4.5 mln t of grain (+1.2%),
2.7 mln t of chemical fertilizers (+7.2%),
0.5 mln t refer cargo (+13.2%).
Transshipment of liquid bulk cargoes increased by 8.7% to 65.6 mln t including
38.4 mln t of crude oil (+8%),
24 mln t of oil products (+8.3%),
2.5 mln t of liquefied gas (+27.1%).

Transshipment of export cargoes totaled 90.5 mln t (+5.3%), import cargoes – 5.2 mln t (+15.7%), transit cargoes – 8.5 mln t (+4.5%), coastal freight cargoes – 10.6 mln t (+41.6%).

Total container throughput of Russian seaports in January-February of 2017 increased by 8.6% year-on-year to 668.3 thou TEU, including laden export 174.3 thou TEU (+12.8%), empty export – 105.1 thou TEU (+1.9%), import — 292.1 thou TEU (+10.1%), transit — 6.1 thou TEU (-14.8%), coasting — 90.7 thou TEU (+6.5 %).

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Export by rail from Russia to China starts on April 5, 2017

Export by rail from Russia to China starts on April 5, 2017On March 16, 2017, in the territory of the multimodal transport and logistics center Freight Village Vorsino was signed an agreement, on cooperation within the framework of the pilot project implementation to support non-oil export-oriented companies when sending their cargos from transport and logistics center Freight Village Vorsino, between Freight Village RU and Russian Export Center.  It is reported on website of Freight Village Ru.

The signatures under the relevant documents were: General Director of Freight Village Kaluga North LLC Nikolay Kruchinin and General Director of Russian Export Center JSC Petr Fradkov.

The pilot project involves the formation of the block train to China in cooperation with Chinese company Sinotrans, “RZD”, “RZD Logistics” and “Transcontainer”. The first train will depart from Vorsino station (Kaluga region) to China through the Trans-Baikal on April 5, 2017. Delivery time from Vorsino station to Guangdong in the south of Chine will be 10-12 days. Deliver to the station Shilun (Guangdong Province) as well as to the port of Dalian, from where on the feeder ships will be forwarded to other ports products will.


Loading data on Russian Railways network in Jan-Feb’17

Loading at Russian Railways network up 6.7% to 100.1 mln t in Jan’17According to the figures, published on the company’s website, the network owned by Russian Railways loaded 196,1 mln t. of freight in January – February 2017 which is 3,8% more than in the same period last year.

In Jan-Feb 2017, Russian Railways loaded the following freight:
60,1 mln t of coal (+9,1%, y-o-y);
1,8 mln t of coke (+6,3%);
40,5 mln t of crude and oil products (-0,3%);
17 mln t of iron and manganese ores (-1,8%);
11,5 mln t of ferrous metal (+1,8%);
1,7 mln t of ferrous metal scrap (+41,4%);
9,4 mln t of chemical and mineral fertilisers  (+4,5%);
2,5 mln t of cement (-7,2%);
6,7 mln t of timber (+6,8%);
3,2 mln t of grain (+1,7%);
16,6 mln t of construction materials (-1,8%);
3,2 mln t of  non-ferrous ores and Sulphur feedstock (-4,5%);
4,5 mln t of chemicals and soda (+5%);
4,6 mln t of industrial raw materials and molding materials (+6%).

In January – February 2017, freight turnover increased compared to the same period 2016 by 6,7% and amounted to 393,6 bn tariff ton-km. Freight turnover taking into account empty wagon runs amounted 505 bn ton-km.

In February 2017, Russian Railways network loaded 96 mln t of freight (+0,9% y-o-y)/ Freight turnover in February 2017, amounted 189,1 bn tariff ton-km, freight turnover taking into account empty wagon runs amounted 242,8 bn ton-km.

In Jan-Feb 2017, the infrastructure owned by Russian Railays carried 154,2 mln passengers (+9,3% y-o-y), which of suburban passengers – 140,5 mln (+10,3%), long-distance passengers – 13,7 mln (+0,5%). For February Rassian Railway’s network carried76,7 mln passengers (+6,4%), which of suburban – 70,6 mln passengers (+6,6%), long-distance – 6,1 mln (+3,4%).

Passenger turnover in first two month of the 2017 amounted 15,1 bln passenger-km (-2% y-o-y), which of for February – 6,6 bln passenger-km (-2,5%  to Feb’16).

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