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February 2017

«AVELANA FORWARDING» LLC company – operator of block train «Ust-Luga Express», took part in a seminar on container transportation

Балтийские ж/д компании снизили объем грузоперевозок«AVELANA FORWARDING» LLC company took part in a business seminar « What awaits the market of container transportation in 2017? New conditions: guide for action», organized by the RZD-Partner magazine.

In the course of event, the participant discussed a number of topical issues, related to container transportation sphere. In the business seminar took part a representatives of the car building industry, container terminals, railways of other countries, owners of rolling stock, railway service operators.

According to the result of the business seminar, the center for corporate transport services “RZD” (CCTS) will form a working group under the direction of Salman Babayev, vice president of JSC Russian Railways, whose task will be solving problematic issues, connected with the formation of new container block-trains. The group will include representatives of the largest container operators.

Main issues of the seminar:

  •  Development of a segment of container trains and formation of new routes
  • Changes in tariff policy
  • Ensuring equal access to the railway infrastructure in the formation of container shipments
  • New opportunities in the production of containers, fitting platforms and special equipment for handling operations

Speakers of the seminar was:

Head of Transport Service Department “RZD” (CCTS) Alexander Zhukov; first vice president board member of JSC UTLC Yerzhan Zhakishev; vice-manager for sales and commerce of PJSC “TransContainer” Alexander Romanov; deputy head of commercial affairs of Central management of the terminal-warehouse complex – branch JSC Russian Railways Andrey Zybkin.

During the discussion the issues, the speakers of the seminar shared the nearest plans, aimed at the advancement of container transportation sphere.

First of April 2017 JSC Russian Railways together with FESCO Integrated Transport, Ltd launched a pilot project on transporting fish in refcontainers from Vladivostok to Moscow, aimed at providing the European part of Russia with fresh fish products.

PJSC “TransContainer” in the near future plans to launch a mobile app to sell their services.

JSC UTLC does not exclude the possibility of joining the railway administration of China to UTLC. “There is an opportunity to consider, in the near future or in the medium term, the inclusion of the China Railway Administration or its subsidiary enterprise China Railway Container Transport. There will be 3+1”, said first vice president board member of JSC UTLC Yerzhan Zhakishev.

The business seminar was held in Moscow on 21 th of February, 2017.

Throughput of cargoes and containers of Russian seaports in Jan’17

Throughput of Russian seaports up 3.2% to 553.8 mln t in 10M’15In January 2017, Russian seaports handled 59.6 mln t of cargo (+12.7%, year-on-year), says the press center of Association of Commercial Sea Ports.

Transshipment of dry bulk cargo totaled 25 mln t (+14.9%) including:
10.2 mln t of coal (+19.7%),
3.5 mln t of containerized cargo (+16.4%),
2.3 mln t of ferrous metal (+8.6%),
2.5 mln t of grain (+33.6%),
1.4 mln t of chemical fertilizers (+6.8%),
0.4 mln t of timber (+1.1%),
0.3 mln t of ro-ro cargoes (up 1.8 times),
0.3 mln t of scrap-metal (+23.1%),
1.6 mln t of cargo carried by ferries (-0.7%),
0.4 mln t of ore (-40.6%),
0.2 mln of unitized cargoes (-26.8%).

Transshipment of liquid bulk cargoes increased by 11.2% to 34.7 mln t including
19.9 mln t of crude oil (+9.1%),
13.1 mln t of oil products (+14%),
1.3 mln t of liquefied gas (+7.5%).

Transshipment of export cargoes totaled 47.4 mln t (+10.2%), import – 2.4 mln t (+10.6%), transit – 4.3 mln t (+3.2%), coastal trade cargoes – 5.5 mln t (up 1.6 times).

Total container turnover of Russian seaports in January of 2017 increased by 12.9% year-on-year to 335.38 thou TEU, including total export 141.27 thou TEU (+10.3%), import — 145,61 thou TEU (+18,2%), transit — 3.39 thou TEU (+2.3%), coasting trade cargoes — 45.12 thou TEU (+6 %).

Basin specification:


Loading at Russian Railways network up 6.7% to 100.1 mln t in Jan’17

Loading at Russian Railways network up 6.7% to 100.1 mln t in Jan’17In January 2017, Russian Railways loaded 100.1 mln t of cargo (+6.7%, year-on-year), the company’s press center says.

In the reported period, Russian Railways loaded:
31,4 mln t of coal (+9,9%, y-o-y);
0,939 mln t of coke (+15,7%);
21,2 mln t of crude and oil products (+1,9%);
8,8 mln t of iron and manganese ore (-1,4%);
5,9 mln t of ferrous metal (+7,3%);
0,802 mln t of ferrous metal scrap (+75,9%);
4,9 mln t of chemical and mineral fertilizers  (+5%);
1,1 mln t of cement (+1,6%);
3,2 mln t of timber (+10,2%);
1,6 mln t of grain (+18,8%);
7,7 mln t of construction materials (+9,.1%);
1,6 mln t of  non-ferrous ore and raw sulphur (-3,4%);
2,3 mln t of chemicals and soda (+8,8%);
2,2 mln t of industrial raw materials and molding materials (+5,1%).
In the reported period, the company’s cargo turnover totaled 203,2 bln tarrif t-km (+11,1%).

Cargo turnover including empty wagon run – 261,8 bln tarrif t-km (+ 10,7%).

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