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January 2017

Total throughput and container volume of Russian seaports in 2016

Total throughput and container volume of Russian seaports in 2016In 2016, Russian seaports handled 721.9 mln t of cargo (+6.7%, year-on-year), says the press center of Association of Commercial Sea Ports.

Transshipment of liquid bulk cargo increased by 5.9% to 386.1 mln t including
228 mln t of crude oil (+12.8%),
140.7 mln t of oil products (-3.7%)
13.6 mln t of liquefied gas (+5.5%).

Transshipment of dry bulk cargo totaled 335.8 mln t (+7.5%) including:

136.3 mln t of coal (+10.5%),
42.7 mln t of containerized cargo (+6.5%),
28.2 mln t of ferrous metal (+7.8%),
35.5 mln t of grain (+3.3%),
22.7 mln t of cargo carried by ferries (+3.5%),
8.7 mln t of ore (+ 29.6%),
5.4 mln t of timber (+1.8%),
4.6 mln t of ro-ro cargo (up 1.8 times),
16.2 mln t of chemical fertilizers (+1.1%),
4 mln t of scrap-metal (-5.5%).

Transshipment of export cargo totaled 567.3 mln t (+5.3%), import – 31.7 mln t (-5%), transit – 51 mln t (+5.8%), coastal trade cargo – 71.9 mln t (+27.4%).

The total container cargos in Russian seaports in 2016 increased by 1.4% year-on-year to 3.99 mln TEU, including total export 1.64 mln TEU (-0.6%), import — 1.67 mln TEU (+2,1%), transit — 50 thou TEU (-28.5%), coastal trade cargo — 640 thou TEU (+8.5 %).


New tariffs of Container block train “Ust-Luga Express” service for 2017

Container block train service "Ust-Luga Express" celebrates 2-year anniversaryTFC AVELANA LOGISTIC and AVELANA FORVARING congratulate customers, partners and colleagues with a New Year 2017! And wish you and your businesses prosperity and development in the New Year.

This announcement is about updates to the service rates of block train “Ust-Luga Express” for 2017. To view new tariffs you can go on our web site in chapter Tariffs or clicking the link

“Ust-Luga Express” Service – is Express Container block train running between the Port of Ust-Luga – Moscow – Port of Ust-Luga with fixed weekly schedule, 2 times a week.

For 2016 Container block train “Ust-Luga Express” has done 153 voyages, transported more than 7500 TEU.

Service was founded in 2013 and during the work proved to be in demand, reliable and inexpensive way to deliver cargos from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

To get more detailed information about service Container block train “Ust-Luga Express” or learn about another services of the company you can contact us

by the phone +7(812) 329-39-50 or visit our web-page or

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