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March 2016

Most of MSCC Bronka facilities to be completed by 2018

Most of MSCC Bronka facilities to be completed by 2018The bulk of work on construction of facilities at Multipurpose Sea Cargo Complex Bronka (MSCC Bronka, Saint-Petersburg) is supposed to be completed by 2018. According to the official website of Saint-Petersburg Administration, this was announced by Aleksei Shukletsov, Executive Director of Fenix LLC (Bronka project investor) at the meeting held in Smolny on March 22, 2016. The meeting chaired by Igor Albin, Vice-Governor of Saint-Petersburg, was dedicated to implementation of Bronka project.

When reporting on the project implementation, Aleksei Shukletsov told about the concept developed by Fenix LLC and including five phases of the port development. The first two phases imply the development of territories for a container terminal, ro-ro terminal, entry zone and railways. Most of the facilities were put into operation in 2015 with the rest to be put into op in late 2016 – early 2017.

Other phases imply the construction of two berths (two-side pier) for ro-ro ships, a multi-purpose berth, a land pier for flat-top barges, freight station for roll trailers, open storage grounds, southern railway yard and infrastructure for storing of bulk cargo.

Finally, a logistic complex will be created beyond the limits of the customs point. It will comprise infrastructure facilities for storing of bulk cargo, depot for empty containers, a facility for repair of containers.


Throughput of Russian seaports in Jan-Feb’16

In January-February 2016, Russian seaports handled 105.9 mln t of cargo (+2.7%, year-on-year), says the press center of Association of Commercial Sea Ports.

Transshipment of dry bulk cargo totaled 45.6 mln t (+8.0%) including 18.1 mln t of coal (+5.5%), 6.3 mln t of containerized cargo (+2.4%), 4.4 mln t of ferrous metal (+0.1%), 4.4 mln t of grain (+34.3%), 3.3 mln t of  cargo carried by ferries  (+26.2%), 2.5 mln t of mineral fertilizers (+11.3%), 1.1 mln t of ore (up 1.9 times), 0.9 mln t of timber (+5.8%), 0.6 mln t of non-ferrous metal (+16.3%), 0.5 mln t of reefer cargo (+8.5%) and 0.5 mln t of metal scrap (-35.9%).

Transshipment of liquid bulk cargo totaled 60.3 mln t (-1.0%) including 22.1 mln t of oil products (-9.0%), 2.0 mln t of liquefied gas (-11.8%) and 35.6 mln t of crude oil (+5.6%).

Transshipment of export cargo totaled 85.9 mln t (+1.8%), import – 4.5 mln t (-5.0%), transit – 8.1 mln t (+6.5%), coastal trade cargo – 7.3 mln t (+15.7%).


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