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February 2016

Throughput of Russian seaports down 2.8% to 52.9 mln t in Jan’16

Throughput of Russian seaports down 2.8% to 52.9 mln t in Jan'16In January 2016, Russian seaports handled 52.9 mln t of cargo (-2.8%, year-on-year), says the press center of Association of Commercial Sea Ports.

Transshipment of dry bulk cargo totaled 21.7 mln t (-3.8%) including 8.5 mln t of coal (-11.6%), 3.0 mln t of containerized cargo (-2.6%), 2.2 mln t of ferrous metal (-4.9%), 1.8 mln t of grain (-6.1%) 0.2 mln t of metal scrap (-33.6%). Transshipment of cargo carried by ferries climbed to 1.6 mln t (+16.2%), mineral fertilizers – to 1.4 mln t (+13.0%), ore – to 0.6 mln t (up 2.4 times), timber – to 0.5 mln t (+12.2%), non-ferrous metal – to 0.3 mln t (+19.7%), reefer cargo – to 0.2 mln t (+26.0%).

Transshipment of liquid bulk cargo totaled 31.2 mln t (-2.1%) including 11.4 mln t of oil products (-9.8%), 18.2 mln t of crude oil (+3.3%) and 1.2 mln t of liquefied gas (+4.1%).

Transshipment of export cargo totaled 43.0 mln t (-3.7%), imports – 2.2 mln t (-9.2%), transit – 4.2 mln t (+7.1%), coastal trade cargo – 3.4 mln t (+1.8%).


Russia expects containerized export rebound

Russia expects containerized export reboundRussia’s exports may increase significantly this year because of further devaluation of the ruble, making Russian goods more competitive in the global market, according to recent statements from the Russian Association of Commercial Seaports and analysts of the Russian Ministry of Transport.

The biggest growth is expected in the country’s Far East, while the share of exports shipped via Baltic ports will gradually decline. With Russian exports to Southeast Asia growing, Far East ports’ will grow their market share of Russia’s containerized trade, according to Alex Misailov, CEO of FM Logistic Customs, one of Russia’s largest transport and logistics companies.

Imports in 2015 made up about 20 percent of Russia’s container traffic, and that figure is expected to decline in the future as exports grow. In the fourth quarter, imports were 18 percent of Russia’s container traffic, down from 25 percent in the same period of 2014. At the same time, exports have grown from 65 percent of Russia’s container trade in the fourth quarter of 2014 to 72 percent in 2015.


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