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Regular express container train "Ust-Luga port - Moscow" The Ust-Luga Express
The Ust-Luga Express
Container transportation. Delivery of oversized, dangerous cargoes. International cargo carriage
International cargo carriage
Ports: St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok In-port cargo forwarding
In-port cargo forwarding
Transportation of cargoes according to the Customs transit procedure Customs transit
Customs transit
Greenfield port of international importance situated 70 km from St. Petersburg Ust-Luga port
Ust-Luga port

Freight forwarding company «AVELANA LOGISTIC» offers the full range of freight forwarding services for organization and transportation of cargoes by sea to any place in the world by all modes of transport and their combination.


Freight Forwarding Company «Avelana Logistic» LLC is a part of the holding GC «Venta» and represents its forwarding company specializing in maritime transportations of cargoes and multimodal transportations. Being a part of a large holding allows us to guarantee our clients that our company will decide any issues concerning international transportations.

The status of a freight forwarding company means that we take responsibility for all works related to dispatch, transportation, transhipment and insurance of cargoes, customs clearance and legal documentation.


  • Render the full complex of services «Door-to-door» to decide logistic issues of any difficulty
  • Flexible approach to each situation
  • Cargo tracking at each stage and reports on at the client’s request
  • Information support, professional consultation
  • High-quality service:
    • efficiency,
    • professionalism,
    • 24-hour client service.
  • Usage of advanced world and domestic experiences of freight transportation.


Transport by sea is the most widespread means of cargo delivery in intercontinental directions. We work with the largest container and ferry lines within continued contractual relationships. Transportation of goods by sea is the most reliable and economical means of transportation. Transportation of sea cargoes may take a lot of time but it is very cost-effective when it concerns long distances.


When transporting cargo by sea, it is quite difficult not to resort to other means of transportation to deliver the cargo to the port. It does not cause any trouble for us as we have experience in transportation by railway, by car and by air, and we can arrange an optimal combination — multimodal transportation.


Our freight forwarding company has everything necessary to plan routes and methods of cargo delivery in accordance with individual requirements of clients. Vast geography of transportations allows us to offer each client routes depending on his preferences for optimization of cargo transportation with regard to cost, terms, customs clearance expenses and etc. We perform transportations all over the world.


For example, when delivering cargoes from China, we work successfully both via ports of the Far East and via European transport hubs. If it is necessary we can resort to transportations by rail or air in this direction apart from transportations by sea.

Offices in China are at our clients’ disposal; they not only provide dispatch of cargoes by sea, but they also create comfortable business conditions for our clients in the country including receipt of goods on the client’s behalf, quality control, escorting and other freight forwarding services.


We have experience in transportation of dangerous, oversized cargoes, of the freight that requires special import permits and other difficult transportations. There isn’t any special cargo transportation that we could not arrange.